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frequently asked questions

When does recruitment start?

Millsaps College has a delayed recruitment. You will begin meeting sorority women the moment you walk on campus. Sorority women are Orientation Leaders, Welcome Weekend Volunteers, and Foundation Leaders. You will meet us in your classes, gathering spots on campus, or social events. Millsaps College Panhellenic Council will also host events to introduce you to the different sororities and mingle with their members.  Formal Recruitment week typically begins the 2nd or 3rd week of the fall academic term. Check the Millsaps Greek Life website for current dates of formal recruitment. 

Do I need letters of recommendation?

You do not have to have a recommendation letter, but you may submit one directly to our organization:

Chi Omega Chi Delta

Attn.: RIF Chair

PO BOX 151095 

1701 N. State Street 

Jackson, MS 39210

For additional information for alumae submititng recommendation letters, please see: 

or if you are a PNM that has searched high and low and can't find a Chi Omega to connect with here is The PNM Interest Form.

Is being in a sorority expensive?

Chi Omega is focused on affordability. We acknowledge everyone comes to Millsaps College with different socioeconomic backgrounds. We evaluate our costs on a yearly basis to ensure our chapter is able to operate and our members get the most out of their membership.  Our leaders are able to work with members on an individual basis to ensure our dues are not a barrier to joining or remaining a member. In Chi Omega, membership is a lifetime. The dues you pay during your college years afford you opportunities beyond graduation.


Check out our chapter's financial transparency form:

How do I sign up for recruitment?

Panhellenic Recruitment Registration opens during the summer! Registration will close the day prior to formal recruitment. To apply, visit the Millsaps Student Life web page .

When applying, make sure to include your resume and a picture!

How will being in a sorority help me academically?

Chi Omega's GPA is consistently higher than the average GPA of all non-Greek women. This past semester we ranked a 3.66! You always have a study buddy in Chi O!

What if I end up in a different sorority than my friend?

Our Panhellenic community supports everyone regardless of the letters we wear! Recruitment is all about finding the place YOU feel at home.

How do I know which sorority is the best fit for me?

Through having conversations with sorority women during informal or formal recruitment, you will establish connections. We suggest you get to know as many women as you can, ask them questions, listen to their presentations, but most importantly be yourself. When you know, you know! 

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