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While the Chi Omega Chapter at Millsaps College was installed on March 31, 1934, and given the name Chi Delta, her story began nearly two years earlier. A group of seniors at Central High School in Jackson, Mississippi, had their sights on attending Millsaps in the fall, and these friends had hoped to join Chi Omega because of the impact it had on those they loved. Seeing the authenticity and intentionality shown by alumnae who were community leaders and role models, the girls' decision was easy--they wanted to join Chi Omega. 

Our eight founders were ambitious and determined young women. Prior to the start of their freshmen year, the women met with the Millsaps Committee on Social Organization and requested acknowledgment of a local sorority called the Tri Chis. It was said that the petition was favorable, but they were told they had to have a grade point average that met the standards of the current sororities on campus. The women met on a regular basis in a home off Millsaps's campus. They encouraged each other and remained focused on their ultimate goal of becoming Chi Omegas. 

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In February of 1933, their request was granted, and they became an official campus organization. In the spring of 1933, the women began a formal petition to Chi Omega Nationals to be a recognized chapter. Near the end of the term, the women hosted a tea for Miss Christelle Ferguson, a Chi Omega chapter visitor and editor of the Eleusis (Chi Omega’s national magazine), in an attempt to garner her support of the chapter's installment.

The Tri Chis did not hear back from Chi Omega after the tea; however, these eight young women were not discouraged. With the help of local Chi Omega alumnae, they decided to proceed with recruiting new members, and their diligence paid off.

Chi Omega recognized the Tri Chis’s commitment and determination as well-rounded women began joining the organization. Active Chi Omegas from Ole Miss and local Chi Omega alumnae continued to support the Tri Chis, and a current professor reached out to volunteer to be a faculty advisor. 

In March of 1934, a charter was granted, and fourteen charter members were installed by Miss Christelle Ferguson. Following the installation, the Tau Chapter at Ole Miss performed the initiation ceremony. 


Since its inception, the members of the Chi Delta chapter have recruited and initiated members with the same underlying traits of those eight high school seniors--loyalty, academic success, determination, confidence, leadership, and friendship. Chi Delta inspires young women to be the best versions of themselves by establishing intentional connections through sisterhood and service. With its devotion to Chi Omega's purposes, the Chi Delta chapter continues to be a constant reflection of our symphony.

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