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Chi Omega is an intergenerational women’s organization forever committed to our founding purposes: academic excellence and intellectual pursuits, friendship, service to others, community and campus involvement, personal integrity, and personal and career development.

We know the #1 reason for attending college is academic in nature. We encourage our members to seek knowledge in the classroom, through internships, and beyond. 

Friendship is at the core of our sisterhood. When you say “yes” to Chi Omega, you open yourself up to friendships that will enhance not only your college experience, but all seasons of life. Chi Omega is for a lifetime.

Since its founding, Chi Omega women understand the impact service has on the local community and society as a whole. We offer a helping hand on a daily basis and understand the benefits of our collective voice and actions.

Chi Omega emphasizes participation in campus life as it creates a connection to the broader college community. We want our members to feel a sense of belonging to the Millsaps family and experience collaboration within its diverse community.

Chi Omega women hold themselves and each other accountable to high standards of behavior in words and deeds. We believe in self respect and self worth that empower women to succeed in college and beyond.

Chi Omega provides programing that enhances personal growth and prepares members for professional careers that follow collegiate life.  We know an educated and empathetic 

listener makes for a great leader. 

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