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One of the two most common questions we get during conversations about joining a sorority is, "What's in it for me?" and "Why Should I join?".
We say to you, "Why wouldn't you join?"

A sorority is the only organization on campus that promotes academic excellence, volunteerism, and philanthropic endeavors, provides leadership opportunities, mentorship, and accountability measures all while keeping friendship at its core.

Leadership Opportunities

  • more than 15 leadership positions for initiated members

  • local and national leadership training

  • cultivated communication and organization skills

  • managing a level of personal responsibility

Academic Excellence

  • all sorority women average GPA is consistently higher than non sorority women average GPA

  • chapter scholarship team holds accountability

  • mentorship and tutor programs

  • highest average GPA of all NPC sororities for 4 out of the last 5 semesters

Service & Philantrhopy

  • Over 400 community service hours combined for 2022/2023 year

  • volunteer with each other

  • raised of $15,000 for Make-A-Wish this past year

  • support the Millsaps Greek community in philanthropic endeavors


  • small group fellowship

  • big sister - little sister pairing

  • sisterhood retreats

  • mixers with other sororities, fraternities, and other campus organizations

  • social events


  • networking opportunities within Chi Omega and the greater Panhellenic community

  • local alumnae volunteers serve as advisors to chapter members

  • connecting with alumnae for job opportunities


  • "see something say something" mentality

  • crucial conversation approach

  • membership experience team

  • national and chapter rules and policies

bid day, best day

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