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Meet Our New Member Educator

New Member Educator
New Member Educator

Dear PC'24,

I know all too well that the transition from high school to college is full of excitement, but also uncertainty. Before you know it, you’ll be on the Millsaps campus looking for somewhere, someone, or something that feels like a home away from home, and I can’t wait to show you why I chose Chi Omega as mine. These girls and this place are like no other, and I can assure you everyone will welcome you with open arms. I can’t wait to get to know you and be your biggest supporter as you make your impact on both this chapter and this campus. I’m so grateful that I’ll get to be right by your side as you get to experience this extremely special sisterhood. I already love you like a sister, let’s have some fun!!


Cassidy Cannella

New Member Educator

Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

When is Panhellenic Recruitment?

Formal Panhellenic recruitment for Fall 2024 begins September 11th and concludes with bid day on September 15th. There will be multiple informal events during welcome week and the first few weeks of school!


When do I sign up for Panhellenic Recruitment?

Panhellenic Recruitment registration opens June 10th, 2024 (open now).


What is a recommendation letter and how many do I need?

Recommendation letters from Chi Omega alumnae are strongly encouraged but not required! We use them as a way to get to know you better as part of the formal recruitment process! However, if you do not know anyone that has been through Greek Life, no worries!!! Here is a link that connects you with an alum to write a letter (RIF)!


What is your best advice for going through recruitment?

When going through recruitment, keep an open mind and be yourself! You won’t realize all the potentials Greek life can give you until you allow yourself to let loose and really take in what the girls and each sorority has to offer.


What do I wear for recruitment?

Millsaps Panhellenic uses a values-based recruitment style, so what you wear isn’t super important. It is most important that you be yourself and wear what makes you comfortable to each round!

As a general guideline, informal events are the most casual and the formal events get increasingly more dressy. For Open House and Meet the Greeks, feel free to wear what you wore to class or would wear to grab a cup of coffee with a friend. For Sisterhood a cute top and skirt or a casual dress is perfect, for preference round, a nice dress or pants is appropriate. Finally on bid day wear casual clothes and any top (you’ll be given a shirt) that you dont mind getting glitter or paint on!!


How do I know if joining a sorority is right for me?

Not only does Chi Omega provide friendships for a lifetime, it also provides opportunities for growth within yourself. Taking on responsibilities and challenges helps grow leadership skills, and builds relationships inside and outside of the chapter. The opportunities and connections in Chi Omega are endless!!


Will I be able to balance a sorority and playing a sport?

Balancing a sport and sorority in college offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and a well-rounded college experience. While it may seem daunting at first, being part of a sorority can provide a supportive community, leadership opportunities, and meaningful friendships. Chi O sisters support one another by cheering each other on in the classroom and on the fields or courts.


Why should international students consider Greek life?

Greek life is a fantastic way for international students to find a home away from home! You'll instantly connect with a supportive community and get to share your own culture while learning about American traditions. Plus, you'll have tons of opportunities to grow personally and professionally through leadership roles and networking events.

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