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“Womanly Always, Discouraged Never”

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Welcome to Chi Omega      

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! I hope it portrays our authenticity and shares a small part of all that our unique sisterhood holds!


The Chi Delta chapter has a history of achievement as we have been acknowledged by our national organization as a Chapter of Excellence over ten times! Today, our chapter remains steadfast in our pursuit of excellence which is evident through our scholarship, campus involvement, and service, just to name a few of our purposes! In academics, we aim high and consistently hold a grade point average above the all-women's average at Millsaps. Across campus, our members are involved in a wide variety of activities. Chi Delta's are athletes, student government representatives, presidential ambassadors, C.A.S.E. consultants, teaching assistants, and leaders in so many other areas of campus to make a difference. These experiences prepare us for our next steps whether that be medical school, graduate school, post-graduate jobs, or simply life after college. Most importantly, these women serve and love others well; from selfless acts of kindness on campus to hands-on service in the community, these acts of service add to my gratitude for these incredible women!


Freshman year Molli would have laughed if you told her she was in a sorority, and she would have been shocked by the blessing of serving in a leadership position! My ideas of scary, state-school sororities melted when I met the women of Chi Omega. I remember coming into college, wanting to surround myself with people who would appreciate where I was but were also willing to push me, and that is exactly what I found in this chapter.  I found women who cultivated real relationships and, as our symphony states, women who "work earnestly, speak kindly, and act sincerely."


I am so grateful that you have chosen to take a look at our chapter's website. God has blessed me with these incredible women, and I hope you can see just how special they are!


Loyally in Chi O,

Molli Perry

Chi Omega, Chi Delta President

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